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Thanks to an unbelievably engaged Iskender fighting against the presentation madness out there! Best workshop ever.

Florian Benne
Partner Development Manager at Microsoft
Posted in Microsoft Company Intranet (Screenshot)

Thank you Iskender Dirik for this amazing workshop! Yesterday I finally had the chance to do a ‘COUP’ guided presentation/pitch for a partner and it was simply FANTASTIC! I LOVED presenting and received really positive feedback both from my colleagues as well as from my partner. This was truly the best workshop I ever had at Microsoft - super useful, fun and super sustainable!

Sepideh Schoenefeld
Partner Development Manager at Microsoft
Posted in Microsoft Company Intranet (Screenshot)

I joined the COUP Movement together with 170 SAP colleagues from all over the world and it was truly fantastic. Not only were there very practical and actionable insights, but at the same time it was super fun to attend. The feedback I received from my colleagues was just overwhelming. I can only recommend this program to everyone!

Leonie Fremgen
Head of Education & Experience, SAP.iO Venture Studio

Super inspiring, super valuable, most engaging workshop ever.

Participant of Microsoft/LinkedIn Workshop
Answer in anonymous survey (Screenshot)

Absolutely eye-opening workshop; this can disrupt the way we work & present.

Participant of Microsoft/LinkedIn Workshop
Answer in anonymous survey (Screenshot)

Never expected a presentation skills course will be so humorous and knowledgeable.

Prashant Singh
Developer, SAP

In a day of talks and presentations that could have been like any other corporate offsite, Iskender’s session blew me away. I’ve never been more excited about learning to be a better storyteller and speaker.

Thomas Daly
Principal Product Manager Samsung NEXT
Statement after COUP session at Samsung NEXT offsite in Silicon Valley

Wonderful talk !!

Lotem Peled-Cohen
Machine Learning Product Manager Samsung NEXT
Posted on LinkedIn after COUP session at Samsung NEXT offsite in Silicon Valley

Directly after the COUP workshop, we applied for the contest. We invested 1-2 hours to change our presentation deck according to the COUP Framework. The result: We won the competition (Screenshot).

Hartmut Hahn
Co-Founder Userlane

The first slide-deck I created after the COUP Course was a presentation for our country manager meeting. It was the first time in my life that I enjoyed presenting. My colleagues came to me after my presentation and congratulated me for my outstanding presentation. And that was only the first presentation I did directly after the COUP Course!

Patrjk Kopik
Former Managing Director Agorize

The COUP Course was transformative for us. Pitching is now actually fun thanks to the COUP Framework!

Felix Hlatky
Head of Finance

Kacper, the founder of NoMagic, had amazing slides at our Portfolio Day. I asked him who created those slides. He said that he just stuck to the COUP Framework.

Sebastian Schüller
Former VC Investor at Capnamic, Co-Founder HiPeople

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