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The COUP Framework enables everyone to be more successful through outstanding and impactful presentations and speeches. The COUP Framework arms you with a superpower for the rest of your life.

Iskender Dirik has decoded the secrets of outstanding presentations and speeches. He has created the most compact and comprehensive presentation framework on the market, covering the most important keys to excel at presenting.

Iskender has identified the most effective tools that will have the biggest impact on your presentation success.

The COUP Framework covers the five areas of a perfect presentation / speech:

  • 1. Script
    2. Audience Connection
    3. Body & Language
  • 4. Slide Design
    5. Preparation

Presenting is not a gift you are born with, it is a skill that everyone can learn.

Iskender is a born introvert. As a kid, teenager, and even when he started university, he was a super shy individual.

Iskender, the nerd

On his first day at university, the first question he asked Ali, an older student, was: “Can I finish university without having to present?” Iskender was afraid of standing in front of people and presenting.

However, Iskender realized quickly that he wouldn’t be able to reach his goals in life without being a strong and confident presenter and speaker.

So, he decided to transform his biggest fear into a superpower.

He became passionate about presentation techniques. For years, since he started in university, he has studied the secrets of outstanding presentations – and that studying is still ongoing today.

Eventually, he compiled and amalgamated all his learning from hundreds of sources, experts, coaches, and his own presentations into one compact framework: COUP.

The COUP Framework helped Iskender to look forward to every keynote and to transform from a shy person who is afraid to enter a room with people to become this:

You can follow his example. The COUP Framework is like an invisible suit you’ll wear for the rest of your life — giving you super presentation and speaking powers:

The COUP Framework gives you confidence whenever you present and transforms you into an outstanding presenter.

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