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Iskender Dirik

Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Executive

Has seen thousands of startup pitches as a venture capital investor

Has attended hundreds of corporate company presentations – and can’t stand it any longer

Has pitched to manifold large-scale clients in B2B sales as CEO

Has given keynotes at prestigious conferences

Has given innumerable in-company presentations

Has developed various presentations for clients as a strategy consultant

Every day I meet new people with great ideas, products, knowledge, and stories. But when I see them presenting, I see people that can’t leverage their own, their company’s and their products’ great potential because they are bad at presenting. And, unfortunately, most people are really bad at presenting.

I can no longer stand to see great minds waste their potential because they can’t transform their great ideas into great presentations and speeches.

I’m a practitioner, not a theory-based coach. I’m an executive, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. I’m exposed to each kind of business presentation every day. And I also perform each kind of presentation every day – from an internal stand-up to a board meeting to a 5,000 person keynote. I’m a Managing Director/General Manager at Samsung NEXT Europe, I led Microsoft ScaleUp as MD/CEO covering Continental Europe, and I’m a Venture Partner for EQT Ventures, one of Europe’s largest Venture Capital Funds. I was also a Member of the Management Board at C3 Creative Code and Content – a leading content marketing and storytelling agency. 

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