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Iskender Dirik

Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Executive

Has seen thousands of startup pitches as a venture capital investor

Has attended hundreds of corporate company presentations – and can’t stand it any longer

Has pitched to manifold large-scale clients in B2B sales as CEO

Has given keynotes at prestigious conferences

Has given innumerable in-company presentations

Has developed various presentations for clients as a strategy consultant

Iskender and I worked together at Samsung Electronics when I was the Company's Chief Innovation Officer and President of Samsung NEXT. He stands out as a rare leader with a disruptive mindset and a genuine desire to share his expertise with others.

He led Samsung NEXT in Europe with great resilience and focus while also being flexible and creative. As Samsung NEXT's Global Head of Media Tech, he made an impact early on and quickly became a well respected member of our Executive Leadership Team.

He is engaging and very personable. I'm glad we worked together and hope our paths cross again soon.

David Eun

former Chief Innovation Officer, Samsung Electronics

Every day I meet new people with great ideas, products, knowledge, and stories. But when I see them presenting, I see people that can’t leverage their own, their company’s and their products’ great potential because they are bad at presenting. And, unfortunately, most people are really bad at presenting.

I can no longer stand to see great minds waste their potential because they can’t transform their great ideas into great presentations and speeches.

I’m a practitioner, not a theory-based coach. I’m an executive, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. I’m exposed to each kind of business presentation every day. And I also perform each kind of presentation every day – from an internal stand-up to a board meeting to a 5,000 person keynote. I’m a Managing Director/General Manager at Samsung NEXT Europe, I led Microsoft ScaleUp as MD/CEO covering Continental Europe, and I’m a Venture Partner for EQT Ventures, one of Europe’s largest Venture Capital Funds. I was also a Member of the Management Board at C3 Creative Code and Content – a leading content marketing and storytelling agency. 

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